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Director Pat Burch selected as Rocket City SGMP ROCK STAR!

The Burch Grou​p's Managing Director, Pat Burch was selected as the Rocket City Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals' ROCK STAR!

Pat will be highlighted on the group's website during March.  Check it out. 



"Once you have that employee it's imperative to keep them.  Providing training is not only a job skill, but a way to show that an employee is valued.  That their development and upward mobility is important to management."     Pat Burch







Hospitality note:  

"Go als over the next five years are to enroll 50,000 management and supervisor apprentices, help 5,000 people earn a college degree at no cost to them, award more than $5 million in scholarships and train 8,000 people ages 16 to 24 who aren’t in school or already working."

American Hotel & Lodging Association, Educational Foundation


It's all about making ideas happen -using the right people with the right skills. 


The Burch Group is a network of experts specializing in the areas of talent development, leadership, communications, problem solving, and teamwork.  We collaborate to establish a strong path for your company to maximize your employees' talents.  This path focuses on better serving your internal and external customer for a long term relationship - a repeatable and profitable relationship.


The Burch Group has worked with state and national level trade associations for meeting professionals, CTE educators, hoteliers and marketers.   We have developed programs for corporate level employee development,  Visit Fairfax (Fairfax County, VA) tourism offices, and state and national level student associations (DECA and SkillsUSA).  We have instructed adults in manufacturing industry and students at the secondary and community college levels.  Our delivery formats have included seminars, workshops, courses and webinars.


The Burch Group is dedicated to delivering excellent training for your organization so you can deliver exceptional results.  

What we do

It's a question of ROI.

You want success to be a repeatable process for your company and your employees.  Repeatable, not in the same process, but in the same spirit.  To problem solve, seek opportunities and take action.  That only happens when you have the right people with the right skills in the right place.  

High achieving companies are successful because their employees believe they have the talent, adaptability and the leadership to grow.   That's where we assist your plan.  The Burch Group brings 40 years of experience to your operation so the investment in your employee training goes to an increase in the bottom line.

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