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Your business success depends on your employees having the right skills and the right mind set. We offer Hospitality training geared to your unique “slice” of the industry.

• Quality front line customer service

• Transitioning to supervision – taking the next step

• Mid-level management – success in the middle

• "How It Works" seminars by department for cross training

• Maintaining WOW standards – front and heart of the house

• Improving presentations and results



Employee churn is destructive. Good employees must be identified, encouraged to stay and, if possible, eventually promoted. Marginal employees must be identified, then redeemed if possible and if not, then allowed to depart.

To help you produce better customer service and greater business success we will

• Complete an organizational needs assessment and recommend skills and next actions to chart out a path to success

• identify sources for new employees to obtain the highest quality new hires possible

• Present proven methods of how to retain your quality employees and how to motivate them in ways that will reduce disruptive churn

• Encourage employees to improve their skills by identifying a clear pathway to promotion



You have your vision, now let's make it your reality.   We’ll work with you and be there to

• Train your supervisors and department mangers, and do an orientation to the goals you want achieved

• Initiate, train and follow-up to verify that your goals are reached

• Establish with your staff the why and how your plan will improve their current position and career.

Give the right skills to the right people.


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