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A Small Woman-Owned Business


The Burch Group was created to offer a wide range of services to the modern Hospitality Industry. We believe the key to success is an informed and motivated staff trained to provide exceptional guest services, then exploiting the successful growth that is sure to follow.


Leading the Group, Pat Burch, CHDT brings over 40 years rich in a wide range of hospitality experiences including sales, sales management, event planning, training, association management and education - all of which she will bring to bear to improve your employees’ performance and ultimately your business success. 

Pat’s greatest pride is her great success in choosing, training, grooming and, sadly, seeing many of her ‘superstars” leave to take more responsible positions through promotions and transfers, on their way up to even greater Hospitality achievements.

When academia reached out to her – Pat took the same approach to her students. As both Hospitality CTE teacher and mentor for the very large Fairfax County (VA) Public School system in the Washington, DC suburbs, she encouraged her students to challenge themselves, to improve their Hospitality skills and encouraging them to successfully enter regional and national Hospitality competitions. In many happy cases, their new skills gave them the competitive edge to succeed. And the skills continue to last far beyond the competition.

Her most recent activity has been to take these same talents to the manufacturing industry.  She has been conducting pre-employment training which includes communications, teamwork, problem solving and leadership skills.  So called "soft skills" that are vital to a successful work environment.



Chuck Burch brings over 40 years of Sales and Marketing experience, ten years in the Federal Government followed by 20+ years in the US private sector working international and domestic sales for several Fortune 500 firms, a semi-private French national firm, and finally for several entrepreneurial US firms seeking both B2B and US Government business.

Chuck brings an innate understanding of the end-to-end sales process that can benefit your sales staff both old and new and drive increased revenues to benefit your bottom line. Chuck’s wide and deep international experience also allows him to assist companies with a varied clientele from every continent (save Antarctica) to serve all of them in a culturally sensitive and guest delighting manner.

Finally, having successfully survived numerous US Government re-organizations as well as several private industry mergers and acquisitions, Chuck can help both affected management and staff to understand and navigate these treacherous waters and eventually “make lemonade” out of their experiences.


We have created a collaborative network of seasoned Subject Matter Experts able and ready to help transform your organization.

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